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When it comes to reliability, we are the one you need is a leading clipping path and photo retouching company around the glob. We provide High quality, very fast and cost effective Image editing service with free trial. Our service is appropriate for e-commerce & Product Photographer. We provide small and enterprise image editing service.

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Quality work through dedication

We have tried to discover ourselves and the clipping path service we offer based on its quality. We intentionally limited our work to the areas in which we believed we could achieve and maintain a level of excellence that would support and represent us the leading clipping path service provider. Our goal was simple: Do excellent work consistently. The work has proved successful and through dedication and hard work, the firm has grown and prospered.

What is Clipping Path and why you should edit your photos

Clipping path expert in Bangladesh

Clipping Path is a well-known as photo editing service that is usually applied for image background removing. Onward, It is mainly applied for object removing from default photos and make it different. Although, It is combined with multi-clipping-path, image masking, color-correction, and all other photo editing services. served to provide the best try to make your photo beautiful. Our dedicated and well-trained worker is constantly available to execute the best clipping path manually. Practically, all varieties of photo editing services we provide to your threshold.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path generally applied for background removing from photos. Although A image play a very important role in your business, you get perfect, accurate clipping paths.

Image Masking

Image masking service is one of the most popular and essential services need to remove very small and tinny edge from a photo or image.

Photo Retouching

The Photo Retouching Service makes your photos more attractive. It is one of the most popular photo editing services at this time. 

Color Correction

Color Correction makes your product photos look even better. It helps you to add a new color to your existing product. Color correction can save your valuable editing time, however, including positive customer experience.

Vector Tracing

If you want to enlarge a blurry image vector tracing is the way to go. It converts any image raster to vector. Converting raster to vector is not an easy task. We have 6 years of experience in the same field. Our expertise is to free up your valuable time.

Image Compositing

Image compositing is one of challenging task in photo editing. Image composition converts multiple images and makes them into a single image. It makes your photos impersonate reality and distorted fashionable looks or fancy.

Why PathXpert?

250 Skilled Graphic Designers

We have more than 250 skill graphics Designer Who work hard for our Client. 

2000+ Image Processing Per Day

We have the ability to process more than 2000+ Image processing per Day at Time.


Backup Generators

We generate backup for protecting client safety and to protect from any unexpected missing.

High Speed Internet Connection

We use very hi-Speed and fast Internet connection for quick client communication, and we can handle any big project. 


24 hours Customer Support

Our Dedicated Customer support team awakes 24/7 for serving our clients anytime.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We focus customer satisfaction and this our main goal. We don’t compromise the quality and satisfaction.


Three Door Check Point to ensure 100% Quality

We ensure 100% quality For any small or big work. We check the images three time in every time. So that we can ensure 100% quality & can ensure 0% redo ratio,


Three Shift Duty Plan

Our Professional worker does their job divided in three shift plans. All of them are highly qualified and experience more than 3 years in this same field.


Express Delivery

We are open 24 hours & we have no holidays. We provide express delivery without any extra charge. For instant feedback & reply simply email us:

Why Choose Us?

We are is a world leading photo editing service provider. We have more than  250+ skilled Designer with over 10 years of globally working experience. Our team is working hard to 100% client satisfaction. We use our expertise for producing great quality service. Our skilled image manipulator work with well-equipped self-owned production house. A devoted customer support team is ready 24/7 to provide you the best quality bulk photo editing services at a low cost.|clippingpath and photo retouching company

Bulk Image Process

Customers taking a bulk image editing. Nevertheless, the large employment, Pathxpert is that the visual studio for getting outstanding service

For customers taking a bulk image editing. Nevertheless, the large employment, Pathxpert is that the visual studio for getting outstanding service.

24x7 Support

Our 20+ Dedicated and well-trained Support team is waiting to serve client 24/7. Everyone is very professional and dedicated about their workplace.

Low Cost

Our Service is very affordable and cost effective. We offer very Low cost Service with free trial offer. You can check our Quality before placing an Order.


Unlike several image-editing services, we carefully produce clipping paths manually. That captures you a clean, complete edge for a constant look beyond all your photos.

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PathXpert|Best Clipping path and photo editing company

We have tried to discover ourselves and the clipping path service we offer based on its quality.​

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