10X your Business growth

with the Simplest Scalable software

without any Overhead Cost.

Empower your Marketing and Sales with AI tracking, Powerful Automation,

and Leak Proof Systems without learning to code or watching hours long tutorial

So, Why an All-In-One Software?

Let’s face it → Duct-Taping a dozen software for scaling only leads to costly and frustrating dead ends.

And That’s Where A All-In-One Scalable Software Comes In.

It is like building a system for optimization; for reducing overhead cost and conversion cost and get zero leakages in the pipeline.

Are you looking for an easy-to-implement marketing software to scale your business?

Do you feel expensive softwares are keeping you hostage because of your massive data?

Are you frustrated with extending deadlines due to friction between marketing and tech team?

Are you frustrated with "duct-taping" traditional softwares and their endless features?

PathXpert Gives You Everything You Need To Scale

your Business Online

All In One Convenient Spot!

Unlimited Scalability to handle Surging Traffic

Designed for Scaling – Scale your marketing and sales smoothly and easily without worrying about your tech and machinery.

  • Collect and Manage Unlimited Leads with DRAG & DROP Forms

  • Advanced Hosting to automatically scale based on demand

  • Optimized for handling a large number of HTTP requests

Dedicated Implementation Partner for Ease of Set up

A dedicated implementation partner launches your High-Converting Funnels, Landing Pages, and Automation on your command within No-Time to make your marketing live, fast!!!

  • 24 Hours turnaround time for complete Funnel Set Up

  • Optimized pages for Fast loading and Mobile View so you never miss your customers irrespective of where they meet you

  • Excellent Support, Tech Consultation, and On-Demand Automation Development

Zero Overhead cost with All-In-One Marketing Software

Pathxpert’s one step solution to marketing, sales, and delivery system lets you slash your Tech overhead cost by upto 80% without compromising quality, precision, and ease of operation

  • Omnichannel Marketing to optimize brand visibility and reduce Acquisition Cost

  • Staff Management with Ticket Handling to Assign, Manage, and Report Tasks

  • Super Flexible Automations to help you handle multiple lists, students, customers, and team

Leak proof Follow Up System for maximum conversions.

Triple your conversions with Accurate AI tracking and powerful automations to convert your list for the next stage, fast.

  • Omnichannel Follow Up process with Bots, Broadcast messages, Emails, and much more.

  • Leakage Proof Systems to automate Marketing processes so you never miss an opportunity for conversion, ascension, or retention

  • AI Tracking to help your refine Marketing Efforts

Efficient and Accurate Data Transfer with Zero Variance

100% Accuracy in Data Transfer from any software with zero variance within 24 hours to help you grow your data management capabilities without the need for costly upgrades or adjustments.

  • Data point Reporting to ensure the accuracy of transfer

  • Data Backup for Safety

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