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Allison Soares is a accomplice at Vanst Law, a virtual Law firm that is converting the landscape of ways attorneys exercise inside the United States. She prides herself on helping business proprietors recognition on going for walks their commercial enterprise, as opposed to strolling from the IRS or the State of California.

We assist our clients with a extensive range of prison issues, inclusive of maximum types of Tax Law, but also Corporate Law and we also assist our customers by means of advising them on a extensive variety of enterprise troubles.Internal Revenue Services (IRS)IRS AuditsIRS AppealsIRS CollectionIRS Levies & LiensIRS International Compliance IssuesCA State Income Tax: FTBFTB AuditsFTB AppealsFTB CollectionsFTB State Voluntary Disclosure ProgramsCA State Payroll Tax: EDDEDD payroll tax AuditsEDD AppealsEDD CollectionsEDD Settlements and OICsEDD Employer type issuesCA Sales Tax: CDTFA (SBOE)CDTFA State sales tax AuditsCDTFA AppealsCDTFA CollectionsCDTFA Settlements and OICsCorporate LawIndividual and Entity Tax PlanningCorporation and S-Corp FormationLLC FormationNon-profit formationMultiple kingdom income tax issuesBusiness Advisory ServicesDevelop typical commercial enterprise strategiesReview month-to-month, quarterly or annual economic statementsResolve business and enterprise issues previous to litigation

Allison Soares is a committed and professional California tax legal professional. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and a staunch recommend on behalf of her customers. She has a wealth of understanding regarding both corporate regulation and tax law and willingly shares that information to train both her friends and her clients. Ms. Soares usually strives to acquire the excellent feasible outcome given every client’s individual situation. She will work tirelessly in your behalf and attempt precise tactics that different attorneys won’t even consider. She has an excellent patron rating on Avvo.

She very well analyzes all viable alternatives after which has candid and considerate conversations with her customers about the way to proceed. Ms. Soares clearly solves problems and her heritage in forensic accounting is an invaluable asset.

Besides being a awesome lawyer, Ms. Soares is an splendid communicator and an adjunct professor at San Diego State University. She has the capability to make use of her open and pleasant demeanor to diffuse stressful conditions and acquire effective effects on instances – even from IRS dealers, which is not any easy feat! She is visible because the “go to” person to clear up problems and solution questions.

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A lot of commercial enterprise owners are not nicely versed in the distinct taxing organizations in California. These tax organizations every deal with a extraordinary vicinity of taxes: one for income tax, one for payroll tax, and one for earnings tax. With such a lot of companies within the nation, it’s far tough to recognize what every one does. One of the maximum commonplace troubles enterprise owners stumble upon is an Employment Development Department (EDD) audit. When the Department is administering a payroll tax overview, an EDD reviewer will check out your payroll tax returns and associated bureaucracy (Forms DE6, DE7, DE34, DE DE542, W-2, 1099, and so forth) to determine if you labeled your employees efficiently and if the right amount of payroll taxes have been remitted to the EDD. The EDD will generally analyze your group of workers, payroll, and accounting facts to decide whether the payroll taxes paid to the EDD had been paid to all of the people of your organisation. Most businesses will acquire an Inquiry of Records be aware or a Pre-audit questionnaire that notifies them they’re under audit.

Similarly, the IRS can overview how a enterprise classifies and can pay workers and can try and rename them as personnel. This might also result in additional payroll taxes, interest, and penalties. Subsequently, the initial phase in any IRS, FTB, CDTFA, EDD audit, EDD enchantment, or EDD collections is for a attorney to completely understand the commercial enterprise and worker’s responsibilities with the purpose of shielding in opposition to capacity worker misclassification.

Usually, an EDD audit begins with a former payee documenting an unemployment declare. Essentially, your former worker is maintaining they were an employee at your agency and at the moment are qualified for unemployment payments. As against fully examining the merits of the individual case, the EDD may examine the reputation of each unmarried contractor connected in your agency. At the begin of an audit, Ms. Soares will request duplicates of the unemployment case file (if relevant) so that it will shape the suitable protection in opposition to worker misclassification, taxes, and penalties.

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These audits begin with professional correspondence notifying you of the audit and requesting documentation, which incorporates the pre-audit questionnaire. The questionnaire is supposed to elicit admissions and deliver the auditor good enough data to broaden an audit plan. Carefully answering the questionnaire responses at this important degree can assist keep away from problems later inside the audit.

An auditor has one goal: To determine whether contractors you hired must be re-categorized as personnel. Once an warranty is made, you will owe sizable consequences for neglecting to withhold income tax, neglecting to pay unemployment coverage, neglecting to withhold state disability insurance, neglecting to withhold employment education tax, and so forth.

Usually, the auditor will issue a demand for charge of those past-due sums inside 30 days. A 10% penalty may be attached if this large payment can’t be made. Despite these intense penalties for an negative dedication, the IRS also can adopt the conclusions and examine employment taxes of their own. This can result in considerable payroll tax liabilities for your commercial enterprise. Commonly, consequences are the principle thrust due to the fact the consequences can exceed the taxes owed in an audit! Therefore, it is imperative that your California tax lawyer is informed in handling the EDD and contending in opposition to consequences.

Given the quantity of tax, interest, and penalties in query, non-public liability, and the possibility that an audit can activate examinations by way of different country offices, it’s far essential you have got a professional legal professional such as Ms. Soares to guard your audit.

Do no longer hesitate to get in touch for a loose session to speak approximately how Allison Soares, your California tax lawyer, can assist defend your IRS or EDD audit. As traditional, discussions together with her are special and categorized.Are You Facing an IRS or State of California Audit?


If you have got acquired notification which you are being audited with the aid of the IRS or the State of California, don’t waste any time! Contact us today and we will let you remedy the audit speedy.

Allison has expert information of the tax code that lets in her to suggest customers concerning various taxation problems including tax liability and IRS representation. She possesses fantastic communication capabilities that permit her to deliver the complexities of the tax code in a manner that may be without problems understood by way of the client. She also is an unrelenting employee and diligently represents her clients to the highest level. Additionally, she is a exceptional mentor who indicates a proper interest in supporting and coaching those underneath her supervision. Allison is a excellent purchaser advocate and a informed attorney-at-regulation. – Doug Wood

I had the privilege of running alongside Allison while we have been accountants at Physician Management Group. She turned into continually eager to research, inclined to attempt to devoted to her process. To these days she has one of the maximum effective and lively friends I have worked with.- Nikki Edomston

Allison is awesome and a amusing individual to be with. She does notable work and continually receives the job done.- Richard Barron

Allison is a fantastic legal professional with a background in finance and accounting. Great mixture. She is also super to work with.- Thomas Holmquist

I labored with Allison in numerous instances and I can attest she is a super lawyer. She is not only very knowledgeable about tax and enterprise law, but also very passionate. Allison loves what she does and she goes above and beyond to guard the pursuits of her customers.- Paula Brunoro

Allison is a very talented legal professional with an unheard of work ethic. She is responsive, informed, and a staunch propose on behalf of her clients. Not only is she a rockstar legal professional, but she’s also a terrific person. I highly endorse her services.- Samantha Prince

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