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A electricity of lawyer (POA) assertion gives some other character the prison proper to:

Look at your account records

Talk to us

Send us data

Represent you

If a consultant only wishes to study tax statistics, a taxpayer can set up a Tax Information Authorization (TIA) dating.

Visit electricity of lawyer vs. tax records authorization for greater records.

Power of Attorney bureaucracy

Individuals, estates, or trusts

Individual or Fiduciary Power of Attorney Declaration (FTB 3520 PIT)




Business Entity or Group Nonresident Power of Attorney Declaration (FTB 3520 BE)



Length of POA

Generally, a POA lasts for six years. To enlarge the POA for an additional 6 years, you must post a brand new POA.

If you filed a POA statement before January 1, 2018, usually your POA ought to closing until it’s revoked.

Rights and authorizations

A POA announcement gives a representative the proper to:

Talk to us about your account

Receive and evaluate your exclusive account records

Represent you in FTB topics

Request copies of records we get hold of from the IRS

Remove any other consultant from the POA announcement

Revoke (end) the POA

If your POA statement changed into filed on or earlier than December 31, 2017, your representative also has the right to:

Waive the California statute of boundaries.

Execute settlement and ultimate agreements.

Additional authorizations (optionally available)

The POA shape also permits you to offer your representative the authority to:

Add representative(s)

Sign your tax return(s) (simplest if incapacitated or non-stop absence from the U.S.)

Receive, but now not propose, your refund check(s)

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Waive the California statute of obstacles

Execute agreement and final agreements

Ending (revoking) your POA

Anyone at the POA announcement can revoke the POA at any time (including the man or woman, commercial enterprise, or consultant).

Tax Professionals and MyFTB

If a consultant has a tax professional MyFTB account, they may have online access to the character or business account records as soon as the POA is permitted. Taxpayers or tax experts can request full online account get entry to for a tax professional whilst a POA announcement is submitted.

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