Premier Tax Attorney, PC is a Tax Relief Law Firm specialized in resolving IRS Tax Problems for San Francisco Bay Area taxpayers. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have helped taxpayers who seek tax relief to settle their back with the IRS for a fraction of what they owed. If you have a tax liability with the IRS or the State, meeting with a Tax Attorney can help you find an optimal resolution to your tax problems and get a peace of mind.

Dealing with the IRS can be very stressful, especially when you don’t know all your options, while interest and penalties keep accruing on your account and making your tax liability seem unaffordable and unfair.

You may have suffered financial hardship in the past and could not pay the tax. Unfortunately if you don’t take action in resolving your IRS tax debt, the IRS and the State will pursue in collecting the tax by garnishing your wages, levying your bank account, and file tax liens on your property.

If you have a tax debt with the IRS or the State call us for a Free Consultation to find out how we can help you find an optimal solution to your tax problems. An experienced Tax Attorney can meet with you and immediately stop all collection action by the IRS or the State.

You can meet with a Tax Attorney for a No Cost Consultation in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, or San Jose to find out how you can resolve your IRS and State tax problems. Meet with an experienced Tax Attorney in Downtown San Francisco at 580 California Street, San Francisco, CA, in East Bay at 1255 Treat Boulevard, Walnut Creek, CA, or in South Bay at 2033 Gateway Place in San Jose, CA.IRS TAX SETTLEMENT

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The Offer in Compromise Program is a Federal Tax Amnesty program which allows taxpayers to get Tax Relief by settling their IRS Tax Debt for a fraction of what they owe. If you cannot afford to pay your tax debt the Offer in Compromise Program allows you to settle your back taxes and get Tax Relief. Find out if you qualify for this IRS Tax Relief program by meeting personally with a Tax Attorney for a Free Consultation in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, or San Jose. An experienced Tax Attorney will conduct a thorough and Free Financial Review of your income, expenses, assets, and debt, to see whether you qualify for Tax Relief with the IRS. If qualified, you may be able to settle your tax debt for less than 10% of what you actually owe.REMOVING WAGE GARNISHMENT AND BANK LEVY

The IRS or the State may garnish your wages and freeze your bank account. If you have received a wage garnishment or a bank levy you need to Act Fast. Once the funds are sent to the IRS or the State, you cannot get them back. We can get a release of the wage garnishment and bank levy in as little as 24 hours and stop all future collection action.BUSINESS TAX DEBT – PAYROLL TAX

Business tax debt is the most serious debt with the IRS and often cases are assigned to a Revenue Officer for immediate collection. An IRS Revenue Officer may show up at your place of business and threaten to seize your business assets and shut down your business operations. An IRS Tax Attorney can make sure you continue operating your business while negotiating with the IRS to find an optimal solution to your business tax debt.STATE TAX DEBT – CALIFORNIA FRANCHISE TAX BOARD

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Franchise Tax Board has an aggressive collections department that will often issue bank levies and wage garnishments before the IRS. The FTB also is not as lenient as the IRS in settling back taxes through their Offer in Compromise program. Tax liabilities with the FTB are often resolved through an Instalment Agreement. If you have a tax debt with the FTB a Tax Attorney can help you resolve your FTB and your IRS debt together under one tax resolution program.TAX ATTORNEY SERVICE IN SAN FRANCISCO, WALNUT CREEK, SAN JOSE

Premier Tax Attorney, PC is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating because of its dedication to client service and exceptional tax representation. Take the first step towards Tax Relief by meeting personally with a Tax Attorney for a No Cost Consultation in Downtown San Francisco, in Walnut Creek, or in San Jose. There are many tax professionals claiming to be Tax Relief experts with the IRS but end up charging exuberant fees and fail to settle your back taxes. Premier Tax Attorney, PC has the experience and knowledge to get you the best tax settlement for your Tax Debt.

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