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I help clients secure tax resolution with the IRS, CDTFA, FTB, and other California tax agencies.Specifically, I represent clients with significant tax debt who are facing an audit, levy, and other tax collection actions.Many of my clients are businesses that have fallen behind on payroll taxes, while other clients are regular individuals who owe back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.For all my clients I begin to secure tax relief by ensuring that all future communications with the tax agency go through my firm.Next, I create a tax resolution strategy that fits my client’s situation.At times that strategy can take the form of an offer in compromise, while in others an installment agreement or non-collectible status may be appropriate.Free Consultation & Payment Plan

If you have tax debt I encourage you to call my office at (916) 299-9913 for a free consultation.In many cases, I offer flat fees and payment plans that make tax resolution more affordable.How I Can Help You

Receiving a collection letter from the IRS or the sudden appearance of a revenue officer at your business can be intimidating and leave you feeling vulnerable.However, I can help you take control of your tax debt so you can sleep better at night.Once you call me at (916) 299-9913 for a free consultation I can explain how I can communicate with the IRS on your behalf and identify practical tax resolution strategies.In brief, by calling my office for a free consultation I can help you take the first step toward achieving tax relief.Stop The IRS

In McCulloch v Maryland Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”As many taxpayers find out too late, the IRS may destroy your financial security or business in their quest to collect every dime of your tax liability.The IRS will levy your bank account, garnish your wages, file a federal tax lien against your home, offset tax refunds, and assess penalties for as long as it takes until your tax debt is paid.

However, while the IRS may have the power to destroy your business or financial welfare, that’s usually not the case when they’re dealing with an experienced tax attorney.In essence, the IRS is interested in workable solutions that enhance its ability to collect some portion of the tax owed.Accordingly, nearly every person who calls me at (916) 299-9913 can benefit from my free tax consultation.At the very least, they better understand their position and possible tax resolution options, but clients who actually hire me gain the added benefit of no longer waiting for the IRS to take action.Instead, we take action by working with the IRS to create a tax relief strategy that stops the collection process.Flat Fees

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Nearly everyone with tax debt wants to know how much hiring a Sacramento tax attorney will cost.Accordingly, I offer flat fees to make the cost of my services transparent and payment plans to make my fees more affordable.If you’re a regular middle-class taxpayer with IRS or California tax debt, I can probably help you achieve tax resolution for a fraction of what you owe.Free Consultation

If you have at least $10,000 of tax debt I encourage you to call my office at (916) 299-9913 for a free tax consultation.I can discuss your matter over the phone, on Zoom, or at my Watt Ave office near the Sacramento IRS building.During your consultation, I can help you understand the IRS collection process and identify which tax resolution strategy best fits your situation.If I can help you achieve tax resolution I’ll give you a no-obligation quote, and in many cases that quote will be a flat fee payable through a payment plan.

Jin KimHow Much Does A Tax Attorney Cost?

The most common question people have when searching for a tax lawyer is “how much will a tax attorney cost?”In Sacramento, the answer to that question will depend on the individual tax attorney and the complexity of your case.In general, experienced tax attorneys will cost more than inexperienced lawyers.However, even experienced local attorneys may cost roughly the same as large tax resolution companies that employ inexperienced ‘case managers’ rather than attorneys.As to the complexity of the case, regular individuals will usually pay less than businesses.When the taxpayer is a business, it’s more likely that a revenue officer will be involved.Also, business tax cases are in a different unit at the IRS than regular taxpayers.Lastly, some tax resolution strategies for a business, like an offer in compromise, can be more difficult as the tax agency may have a different analysis for businesses vs. individuals. Sample Tax Attorney Fees

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For most clients, the total cost of hiring a tax attorney will be reflected as a flat fee.Most California tax attorneys charge flat fees and accept payment plans as low as $200 per month.While all cases vary in complexity, most people can hire a tax attorney for $1,800 to $3,500.Once hired, the tax attorney can work towards an offer in compromise, installment agreement, or non-collectible status.Flat Fees

Many people prefer to hire an attorney for a flat fee rather than pay a retainer fee and be billed every month as the attorney works on the case.Flat fees have the benefit of being more transparent as clients understand exactly how much their case will cost.In contrast, hourly billing leads to monthly invoices with unpredictable totals and often requires replenishment of the retainer fee.As some unscrupulous attorneys have a reputation for over-billing clients, it’s no wonder why many individuals prefer to pay a flat fee.

Tax attorney Jin Kim offers flat fees for most tax resolution services.For a fixed price she can represent you against the IRS, FTB, or CDTFA and work towards reducing your tax liability.Payment Plans

Many people are surprised to learn they can actually afford to hire a tax attorney.Understandably, nearly every client has significant tax debt and limited resources to hire a tax attorney.To make tax resolution more affordable, attorney Jin Kim accepts most cases on a payment plan.After a down payment, she can appear as your attorney before the IRS, FTB, CDTFA, or other tax agency and work toward resolving your tax liabilities.With affordable monthly payments, nearly everyone can hire a tax attorney and take control of their tax debt.Offer in Compromise

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An offer in compromise is a popular tax resolution strategy, but it’s one of the most complicated forms of tax relief.In brief, an offer in compromise is the settlement of tax debt for less than the amount owed.However, a viable offer is not a random figure, but rather an amount that aligns with the client’s reasonable collection potential (ie. how much the IRS can collect from the client’s income and assets). Moreover, a basis must be established for an offer in compromise such as when there is doubt as to collectibility, doubt as to liability, or when an OIC promotes effective tax administration, such as when IRS collection would create an economic hardship as defined in Treas. Reg. § 301.6343-1(b)(4).As is evident from this partial list of criteria, an OIC is a complicated filing, and the chances of getting an offer accepted increase when filed through competent legal counsel.To learn more about your ability to file an offer in compromise call tax lawyer Jin Kim at (916) 299-9913 for a free consultation.IRS Collection Defense

The majority of Jin Kim’s clients owe federal tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service.Moreover, these clients are in some stage of the IRS collection process, from a ‘notice of tax due’ letter to later stages such as bank levy, wage garnishment, or tax liens.What many of these clients are surprised to learn is that an IRS collection defense attorney can offer assistance right away by forcing the IRS to communicate through the attorney, not directly with the client.Next, an IRS defense attorney can create a tax resolution strategy that fits the client’s situation.That strategy may be as simple as non-collectible status with the IRS to more complicated solutions such as installment plans that prevent the accrual of interest or offers in compromise that settle the overall tax debt for less than the total amount owed.Tax Attorney vs. EA vs. ‘Tax Resolution’ Companies

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