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Request A Case Evaluation Or Tax Resolution Development Plan

Get a Tax Resolution Development Plan from us first before you attempt to deal with the IRS. There are several options for you to meet or connect with Board Certified Tax Attorney Jeffrey B. Kahn. Jeff will review your situation and go over your options and best strategy to resolve your tax problems. This is more than a mere consultation. You will get the strategy or plan to move forward to resolve your tax problems! Jeff’s office can set up a date and time that is convenient for you. By the end of your Tax Resolution Development Plan Session, if you desire to hire us to implement the strategy or plan, Jeff would quote you our fees and apply in full the session fee paid for the Tax Resolution Development Plan Session.

Types Of Initial Sessions:

Most Popular GoToMeeting Virtual Tax Development Resolution Plan SessionMaximum Duration: 60 minutes – Session Fee: $375.00 (Credited if hired*)Requires a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device compatible with GoToMeeting. Please allow up to a 10-minute window following the appointment time for us to start the meeting. How secure is GoToMeeting? Your sessions are completely private and secure. All of GoToMeetings solutions feature end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. No unencrypted information is ever stored on our system.

Face Time or Standard Telephone Tax Development Resolution Plan Session Maximum Duration: 60 minutes – Session Fee: $350.00 (Credited if hired*)Face Time requires an Apple device.Please allow up to a 10-minute window following the appointment time for us to get in contact with you. If you are located outside the U.S. please call us at the appointed time.

Standard Fee Face-To-Face Tax Development Resolution Plan Session Maximum Duration: 60 minutes – Session Fee: $600.00 (Credited if hired*)Session is held at any of our offices or any other location you designate such as your financial adviser’s office or your accountant’s office, your place of business or your residence.

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Jeff’s office can take your credit card information to charge the session fee which secures your session.

* The session fee is non-refundable and any allotted duration of time unused is not refunded; however, the full session fee will be applied as a credit toward future service if you choose to engage our firm.UNDISCLOSED FOREIGN ACCOUNTS / UNREPORTED INCOME UNREPORTED CRYPTO-CURRENCY / CANNABIS BUSINESSES

It is aggravating enough having the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) or another taxing authority such as the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (“CDTFA”), the California State Board of Equalization (“BOE”), the California Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”), or the California Employment Development Department (“EDD”) chasing after you.  Even worse, having the Department Of Justice (“DOJ”) with these and other agencies lead a raid or financial shut-down on your state-licensed marijuana business. Tax trouble doesn’t mean you are bad – neither does it mean that you are beyond getting help… and having hope.Foreign Accounts

Unreported Foreign Accounts& IncomeDid The IRS Find You?Cryptocurrency

Unreported Cryptocurrency /Bitcoin IncomeDid The IRS Find You?Cannabis

Cannabis BusinessInvestigations & Unreported IncomeDid The Feds Find You?

Jeffrey B. Kahn, the principal attorney of the Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. and head of the KahnTaxLaw team has more than 30 years of experience in resolving tax problems with the best possible result by effectively defending against criminal and civil actions and inquiries by the IRS and State Tax Agencies and by protecting our clients from domestic and international tax issues not yet detected by the government.

Is the IRS breathing down your neck and sending you intimidating notices and telephone calls? Are you having tax problems? Is the IRS filing liens, garnishing your wages, levying assets, and devastating your financial and personal life?

IRS tax debts require immediate action. Click here to learn the three most important things to do when you know you owe the IRS.

We know how dealing with the IRS or any State Tax Agency can be a very stressful experience for taxpayers so we do whatever it takes, within the bounds of the law, to deliver top quality, non-judgmental legal representation to help you resolve pending tax matters and save everything you have built as we vigorously protect and fiercely fight for you in front of the IRS and each California Tax Agency – FTB, EDD, BOE, CDTFA and their appellate forums.

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There are many “tax relief companies” and persons out there who claim to be experts in resolving tax problems but relatively few are tax litigation lawyers or tax controversy lawyers. Tax litigation lawyers like us represent clients who have tax problems with the IRS or state taxing agencies. They will go to U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, the Court of Federal Claims or in California Superior Court for California state taxes if necessary to defend you from government and make sure you are paying the least amount of tax as is legally possible.

Our firm of tax controversy attorneys thinks “outside the box” if you have a tax problem and considers all angles – not just whether you would like an Offer In Compromise or an Installment Agreement to pay your taxes. Through this unique perspective our tax controversy attorneys help individuals and businesses understand their entire tax picture and act accordingly in tax matters ranging from audits, trials, civil and criminal tax defense, and appeals. In addition our tax controversy attorneys can represent you in a wide range of tax problems including the securing of relief in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (“OVDP”), abatement of tax penalties, securing uncollectible status and removal of wrongful tax liens and levies. Let’s face it, when it comes to knowing tax laws and paying IRS taxes – everyone in the U.S. is either in tax trouble, on their way to tax trouble, or trying to avoid tax trouble! In short if you have a tax problem, let our team of tax litigation attorneys can help you.

We provide tax problem representation for individual and small business owner taxpayers in IRS and State audit, collection, appeals matters, criminal tax defense, tax litigation and undisclosed foreign account amnesty.A Brilliant Lawyer-Benefit from His Expertise!

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I had an issue which required both the expertise of a lawyer with a firm grasp of tax law—one that is always evolving—and that of a highly skilled accountant. And seeking for these qualifications in a single individual, I had the good fortune to discover Mr. Jeffrey Kahn, who indeed proved that a lawyer can be at the same time as an accountant. We worked together for over a year. Regardless of the complexity of the issues as they presented themselves, Mr. Kahn overcome each with admirable skill. At the conclusion of the matter that Mr. Kahn handled, I was utterly satisfied with the outcome, knowing that he had done his very best for me. I would recommend his services to family members, and friends, should they have a need for the rare expertise that Mr. Kahn has.Incredibly friendly and extremely knowledgeable

Outstanding team and tax preparation service. I worked with Jeff and his team and this was hands down. Jeff helped me understand the complexities of my taxes. The staff is both incredibly friendly and extremely knowledgeable… Best tax preparation process I’ve ever dealt with. I can’t recommend Jeff’s office highly enough!Jeff is awesome

We went through a very stressful experience when we came to know about FBAR and OVDI and it disturbed our peace of mind. I found about Jeff online and I was living in India at that time. Jeff was able to understand my situation in one phone call. Our OVDI process started and I was working with Jeff while I was in India. His team is splendid. They would update me on every small things and I couldn’t have had a more professional team. They guided me throughout the process , answered every question that I had and I felt a lot better over time. Finally after 4 overs , Jeff was able to resolve my scenario and it was such a relief. I really thank Jeff and his team and would highly recommend his services for anyone going through nightmares with IRS and taxation issues.Detailed and professional

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