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Steiger Tax Law is devoted to supporting individual and business clients lessen or get rid of tax liabilities through careful planning and backbone strategies.  Attorney Andrew Steiger represents customers with a huge variety of IRS and country tax issues.  If you are concerned about tax reporting, payroll taxes or are the problem of an IRS audit, touch Steiger Tax Law to resolve your tax trouble.

In addition, Steiger Tax Law has accelerated its provider offerings to fulfill client demand for estate making plans offerings, together with wills, trusts, probate and enterprise succession making plans.  For customers with economic issues that aren’t confined to tax debts, which includes scientific debt, schooling debt, and patron debt, Steiger Tax Law can file your financial ruin petition.  Attorney Andrew Steiger is knowledgeable in other areas of Michigan law and can counsel customers for a success criminal results.

Below is an overview of the types of tax and prison offerings currently supplied by using Steiger Tax Law:

​Tax Relief

Tax relief offerings include resolving tax money owed via payment plans or debt discount thru an IRS sparkling begin application like a suggestion in compromise or installment settlement.  Stop enforcement actions like federal tax liens, levies, wage garnishment and tax seizures. Contact Steiger Tax Law and take control of your finances.  Read more on tax remedy alternatives beneath.Estate Planning

Michigan estate making plans services include drafting wills, trusts, power of attorney and other important documents to plan to take care of loved ones, consisting of making clinical selections, retirement making plans, business succession making plans, own family cottage planning, and tax planning to reduce charges as a part of a comprehensive plan to attain your property goals.  Bankruptcy

Individuals and corporations in monetary distress and wanting a sparkling monetary start have to do not forget bankruptcy.  For clients, overview submitting Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13.  For corporations, remember Chapter 7 vs Chapter eleven small business financial disaster reorganization. Financial problems frequently lead to health, circle of relatives and process issues if now not resolved.  Unfiled Tax Returns

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Services include preparing and filing unfiled tax returns of all kinds, which include federal and Michigan tax returns, man or woman, business, property and gift tax, sales and use, payroll, and more.  Steiger Tax Law can record amended returns and past due or unfiled returns, and assist evaluate alternatives to undertaking any consequences and assessments.Tax Planning

Steiger Tax Law will let you or your business with tax making plans to decrease your annual tax bill.  Taxes covered include earnings, property, present, assets, payroll taxes and business taxes.  Don’t miss out on deductions and credit.  Call for a consultation to talk about your tax making plans wishes and goals.Family Law

Steiger Tax Law can assist remedy your circle of relatives issues.  Attorney Andrew Steiger allow you to record for divorce, prepare a pre-nup or put up-nup to defend your assets, such as enterprise pastimes or inheritance, set up paternity, baby custody, tax planning on QDROs for retirement accounts.  Contact Steiger Tax Law for a loose session.IRS Fresh Start ProgramOffer in compromise

An Offer in Compromise affords taxpayers with the potential do away with part or all in their tax debt if sure conditions are happy.  The IRS uses a formula as a start line when considering gives that takes your assets of profits and expenses into account, in addition to your belongings and related liabilities.  Taxpayers gain from a tax advisor’s ability to craft the facts in a manner that maximizes the chances of an offer being standard by using the IRS that still meets the taxpayer’s desires for keeping assets and profits to pay vital fees.Installment Agreement

For taxpayers now not meeting the criteria for a proposal in compromise, an getting into an installment agreement lets in taxpayers to forestall financial institution levies and wage garnishment, at the same time as lowering penalties and controlling the amount paid to the IRS.  Taxpayers the usage of this method underneath the IRS Fresh Start Program ought to report financial reports with the IRS and generally pay the debt lower back through the years.  Taxpayers will advantage from a tax legal professional reviewing their tax history to determine if this course of movement is nice and if so, to shape the installment agreement in a way that meets the taxpayer’s targets.  Currently Not Collectible Status

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For taxpayers who can not pay any quantity in their tax money owed without sacrificing payments for primary living expenses, the IRS can place the taxpayer in presently no longer collectible popularity.  Applying for currently no longer collectible (CNC) fame will quickly stop collection sports, but not the accumulation of hobby and consequences.  CNC fame can also be used as a part of an ordinary plan to reduce current tax money owed over a time frame when other alternatives are currently unavailable however may also come to be to be had in the future.Bankruptcy

For some taxpayers, who’re suffering to pay other lenders further to the IRS, filing for financial disaster can be necessary.  Tax liabilities receive unique treatment underneath the U.S. bankruptcy legal guidelines and might not be eliminated as a part of a financial disaster filing.  If you have got concept approximately bankruptcy and have tax money owed, you ought to consult a tax lawyer to determine if the tax money owed can be removed in a bankruptcy filing.  If your number one money owed are tax debts, a bankruptcy submitting is possibly not the first-rate choice given the alternative alternatives to be had to taxpayers under U.S. tax law.IRS TAX LIENS

The IRS may additionally document a lien towards your actual estate, private belongings and financial bills.  This might also prevent you from shopping or promoting property, acquiring loans, and could cause the IRS seizing your belongings.  Steiger Tax Law can negotiate with the IRS to stop a note of lien filing and assessment your rights to release, withdrawal or discharge an IRS tax lien.IRS TAX LEVIES

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The IRS may additionally levy your economic money owed along with bank accounts, retirement bills, social security payments and try to take different assets held with the aid of third events.  Steiger Tax Law can negotiate with the IRS to stop levies and shield your belongings and your ability to pay your payments and different money owed.TAX Penalties

Applicable IRS and nation tax penalties are numerous and may develop speedy.  Penalties and interest can be as large as the authentic unpaid tax.  Steiger Tax Law will let you file for penalty alleviation as a part of a complete plan to reduce your general tax debt and help come up with a fresh start.  WAGE GARNISHMENT

The IRS has the strength to garnish your wages to pay off antisocial tax money owed.  The salary discount can be giant and save you you from buying necessary dwelling expenses and the attention to your employer might also  adversely effect your employment.  Steiger Tax Law can negotiate with the IRS to lessen or avoid the impact of salary garnishments.Taxes for Expats, FBAR Reporting and FATCA Reporting

US international tax reporting may be complex and have considerable penalties for taxpayers who do no longer well timed file and document profits and bank account records.  Services offered encompass:

US income tax reporting for individuals

Foreign profits exclusion reporting

FBAR penalties assessment and amnesty request

Corporate 5471s and penalty remedy review

If you’ve got questions or need assist responding to an IRS audit or IRS notice, touch tax attorney Andrew Steiger at Steiger Tax Law for assist.Get Tax Help Now For US Expat Returns, FBAR and FATCA reportingMichigan Estate Planning 

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