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“Mixed Beverage TABC Liquor Tax Audits” are based totally in your purchases and not simply your mentioned income. The State estimates your income the use of a program referred to as “The Alcoholic Beverage Depletion Analysis” which converts your liquor, wine and beer purchases to envisioned sales. They will then subtract your said sales from the envisioned income to calculate an error charge so as to be carried out to all pronounced sales inside the audit period. It is nearly impossible to account for all purchases of liquor, wine and beer. Needless to say over 50% of taxpayers combined beverage audits bring about a tax due audit of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra tax, penalty and hobby. This is in which my services are available. I will examine and check your commercial enterprise to make sure you’re in compliance with all state report keeping requirements and insure your tax audit comes out the great feasible. No possible match my over 40 years of revel in with this tax, my 15 years as a TABC tax auditor, and, 13 years as a Comptroller liquor tax auditor, my 2000 plus audits performed as an ex liquor tax auditor, and the results I’ve received, for customers, as listed on my internet site reference web page. I am the excellent, bar none, and, will give you the nice effects.

As the holder of a License to promote alcoholic beverages inside the nation of Texas it’s far inevitable you becomes the concern of a “Liquor Tax Audit!” Approximately half of all Liquor Tax Audits result in tax due.

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Great Job Mark. We will honestly use you on future audits. I clearly cost your enthusiastic attempt. Feel loose to use me as a reference. It is crazy for any medium to high quantity combined beverage permitee to go through an audit without hiring you. – John Burke, Owner/CEO, Chacho’s (Reduced Client’s Audit from $300,000 to $zero).

Audits can result in thousand of greenbacks in additional interest, consequences and taxes. You want the excellent Liquor Tax Consultant to defend your rights. Texas Liquor Control is owned and controlled by Mark Cantu, the maximum experienced TABC Consultant inside the state, bar none.Mark Cantu, Consultant, became an Auditor for the “TABC” and the “State Comptroller’s Office” for over 28 years.Mark Cantu has conducted over 2000 TABC liquor tax audits in his profession.Mark Cantu has developed strong relations withemployees and key decision makers at each the“TABC” and the “State Comptroller’s Office.”

As the holder of a License to promote alcoholic liquids in the nation of Texas it’s miles inevitable you becomes the problem of a “Liquor Tax Audit!” Approximately 1/2 of all Liquor Tax Audits result in tax due.While others can also claim to be professionals at Liquor Tax Audits they actually can not match Mark Cantu’s Experience, know-how and heritage, together with a who’s who listing of Texans who will vouch for his integrity and credibility.You can relaxation confident that with Mark Cantu you’ll receive the great liquor tax expert within the industry. His illustration will insure you’re prepared and in compliance with the law.Helpful Links

Comptroller of Public AccountsTexas Alcoholic Beverage CommissionGerald Franklin TABC Licensing AgencyClyde Burleson, TABC/DWI Attorney – 713/628-1503

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