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Tulsa Tax Attorney Clifford N. Ribner, Tulsa Oklahoma 

IRS personnel do now not solve instances favorably for taxpayers to be high-quality, or even because it is affordable for them to accomplish that. They only do so when they’re forced to, out of their problem over the hazards of capability litigation against the taxpayer and his tax lawyer.

With a unique combination of specialized tax law and litigation training and experience, I can offer the highest possible chance of litigation in opposition to the IRS for my clients.

You need a specialised tax legal professional in an IRS dispute.

Tax law is one of the maximum complex fields of regulation. Taking one ortax regulation instructions in regulation school doesn’t supply an Oklahoma lawyer the education or revel in essential to symbolize you successfully towards the IRS. It could be like going to an obstetrician for mind surgical procedure. They’re both doctors, yes, but with very distinct specialties.

The stakes are too high to gamble on a lawyer with out specialised gear, schooling and revel in in tax regulation. If things go incorrect, the business you’ve labored so hard to build will be shut down. You in my opinion may want to even go to prison. For extreme tax issues, such as large IRS money owed, payroll and different employment tax issues, you need a tax attorney. Here are a few pointers for locating an Oklahoma tax lawyer who can effectively go to bat for you against the IRS.1) Specialized training

Look for an Oklahoma legal professional that focuses on tax law and graduated from a highly rated regulation faculty, such as NYU School of Law. A grasp’s diploma in tax regulation (LL.M. in Taxation) is foremost, however no longer required as long as the lawyer has real schooling and revel in in tax regulation. Make positive they stay contemporary in their area as properly. Tax law especially constantly modifications, and you don’t need your business to suffer with an legal professional who’s behind the times.2) References count

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If there’s a attorney or judge you trust, ask in the event that they understand a person who focuses on tax cases who they sense snug recommending to you. Peer-reviewed scores, like Martindale-Hubbell, can also let you know exactly what different attorneys are announcing approximately the tax legal professional you’re interested in. Ask the Better Business Bureau approximately the Oklahoma tax lawyer as nicely.three) Field enjoy

If you have got a risky, doubtlessly luxurious, and/or complicated controversy with the IRS, you want an Oklahoma tax legal professional with sizable litigation enjoy. Unfortunately, very few have that. When someone’s when you, you want a legal professional with real enjoy managing conflicts and lawsuits.

We on the regulation offices of Clifford N Ribner virtually hope all is properly with you – and that you in no way want our offerings in real life. On the opposite hand, if you or everyone you realize, or any enterprise or entity you know, is being audited by using the IRS and/or any kingdom, due to increased IRS and kingdom aggressiveness (such as Circular 230) a CPA, in particular one who prepared the go back in query, can no longer do the job and a real tax litigator – which is what Mr. Ribner is – is needed.

We definitely realize of no one among Dallas and Chicago with credentials as a tax litigator akin to his (it ain’t bragging while it’s authentic). Please evaluate the Resume page for a detailed description of these credentials.

Mr. Ribner uniquely combines the skills of both a distinctly-skilled and skilled tax legal professional and a similarly-credentialed litigator who has been first-chair in numerous jury trials and in appeals to higher courts, along with multiple such appeals to the Supreme Courts of each the USA (whose bar he belongs to) and Oklahoma, in addition to severa administrative appeals in the IRS.Oklahoma Tax Attorney for State and Federal Tax Controversies

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Clifford N. Ribner is an Oklahoma Tax Attorney that strictly limits his exercise to tax litigation and tax controversies with the taxing authorities (the IRS and country tax authorities such as the Oklahoma Tax Commission and comparable enforcers in a mess of other states).

The giant growth in IRS aggressiveness, mainly toward closely-held companies and rich people, over the past few years has also fairly expanded the number of occasions in which Mr. Ribner’s services have become essential (consisting of in what must be normal audits which used to no longer require him until late within the procedure, if in any respect).

We sincerely desire you and your clients in no way need Mr. Ribner’s offerings. He does no compliance nor transactional work (he used to do the latter). When it involves all tax topics, he is strictly the man with brass knuckles internal a velvet glove representing the coolest men against the forces of evil.

Tulsa Tax Attorney, Clifford N. Ribner represents any business or entity that has to interface in any manner with the IRS or any kingdom taxing authority. It is an unacceptable business chance for any taxpayer or his go back preparer (who now has a ability conflict along with his very own consumer due to IRS policies) to cope with them without delay. It is all litigation, which the IRS mainly attempts to trick individuals and entities into venturing into on their personal.Contact Tulsa Tax Attorney Clifford N. Ribner at 918-582-9200

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